If you're a bride that wants it all but can't afford it all...don't worry! These 7 tips are sure to help you save money on your big day and have the fairytale wedding you've always dreamed of!

1. Make your own centerpieces!

You can have real floral centerpieces on any budget! This is a huge task but skipping the florist and ordering your flowers online can save you THOUSANDS!

2.Use your reception décor to decorate your ceremony space!

We used our centerpieces to line the isle and decorate our ceremony space! There's no use in buying more flowers to decorate your ceremony when you already worked to so hard to put your beautiful centerpieces together!

3. Print your own wedding invitations!

Now this is not something I thought about doing for my wedding and I wish I would have! You can find some amazing printable wedding invitations here on my site as well as many other free templates on Canva.com! 

4. Make your own favors or simply skip them!

Favors are fun but to be completely honest they're unnecessary! I chose to make marble place cards with magnets on the back as my favors! These were so cute as table décor and all of my guests absolutely loved them!

5. Buy décor items instead of renting them! You can then sell them after to make your money back!

Renting linens and charger plates can be expensive! We chose to buy our charger plates from Dollar Tree which was far less then renting them! We also found super inexpensive table runners and matching napkins from Efavormart.com!

6. Use personal items you already have to decorate!

I am an extremely avid crystal collector and using my collection to decorate my wedding really cut down on costs!! It could be your plant collection, comic books or even snow globes! Whatever you and your partner love personally and already have lying around your house can add an extremely fun and unique pop to your wedding!

7.Skip the full open bar!

At my wedding we chose to have an open bar but with limited selection! This help cut back on our per person costs which made a huge difference in our final cost!

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